Mr. Roo’s Metaverse Marathon

Want to immerse yourself in the wonders of cyberspace and embark on thrilling adventures in boundless new worlds? Then make your way to Roobet this month and join the exhilarating Metaverse Marathon hosted by the top kangaroo himself, Mr. Roo. Discover the marvels of digital dreamscapes, explore polygonal playgrounds, and experience the Metaverse like never before.

Enter the Metaverse Raffle

Begin your journey into this new realm with a rewarding opportunity of epic proportions - Roobet’s Enter the Metaverse Raffle!

With a staggering $15,000 prize pool to be shared among participants, the goal is to collect as many raffle tickets as possible. To earn one ticket, you must wager a total of $500 across Roobet between June 2nd and 4th. However, if you choose to play their very own house game, Crash, you'll receive an impressive five tickets for every $500 wagered! There are no limits to the number of tickets you can obtain, and each additional ticket enhances your chances of winning.

Step into the Metaverse Raffle | June 2nd - 4th:

• Become one of the 50 lucky winners sharing a $15,000 prize.

• Stand a chance to win the grand prize of $2,000.

• Wager $500 on any game to receive one raffle ticket.

• Wager $500 on Crash and receive five raffle tickets.

• Winners will be drawn on June 5th.

Weekend Blackjack Tournaments

Roobet will also be hosting a series of thrilling Blackjack Tournaments every Friday throughout June. With a mesmerizing $10,000 prize pool, these competitive events offer the perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test. Take a seat at one of the featured blackjack tables and compete against fellow players to secure consecutive wins, climb the leaderboard, and claim your well-deserved prize.

Weekend Blackjack Tournaments | June 2nd - 5th:

• Join the featured blackjack tables during weekends.

• Earn points through consecutive wins.

• Compete for a prize pool of $10,000.

• A new tournament will be held every weekend in June.

Metaverse MegaCash

As an enticing addition to the festivities, Roobet has partnered with Pragmatic Play to bring you some exciti Metaverse MegaCash cash drops! If you're a fan of Pragmatic's thrilling slots, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. By placing a minimum bet of $0.50 on one of the featured slots, you'll have a chance to instantly win a delightful $100 prize! Mark your calendars for June 7th and June 14th, as Metaverse MegaCash will grace 100 lucky Roobetters on each occasion, with a total prize pool of $10,000 on the line!

Metaverse MegaCash | June 7th & 14th:

• Play featured Pragmatic Play games.

• Place a bet of $0.50 or higher.

• Stand a chance to win a random $100 cash drop.

• Join 100 other winners in sharing a total prize pool of $10,000.

• Winners will be credited immediately.

Metaverse Mondays

Start your week off on a brighter note with Roobet’s Metaverse Mondays, a recurring event that will take place every Monday of the month. Take a seat at the Roolette table during the event and place a minimum bet of $2 on the lucky number of the day. If fate is in your favor, 25 free spins are all yours for the taking, over and above your winnings!

Metaverse Mondays | June 5th:

• Every Monday of the month

• Place a minimum bet of $2

• Bet on the number of the date

• Win, and get 25 free spins on The Roo House

See you in the Metaverse!

Make sure to follow Roobet on social media to stay updated with more Metaverse mayhem coming your way as the above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the month of June!