Agent Roo's Casino Rooyale

Calling all masters of espionage! Something highly classified has been transpiring at Roobet as of late. Despite their exceptional security measures, certain confidential information managed to escape from the world’s fastest-growing crypto casino’s network.

The names "Agent Roo's Casino Rooyale" and "Mission Systems," are likely to spark your curiosity, but what are they referring to? Fortunately, we have no intention of keeping anything under wraps. Instead, we're here to reveal everything we've discovered about this secret case so that you can make it worth your while!

What is Agent Roo's Casino Rooyale Raffle?

As you might have guessed, Agent Roo's $100,000 Casino Rooyale is the latest lucrative raffle organized by Roobet. A solid $100,000 awaits the lucky 100 Roobetters who hold the winning tickets.
Despite its secret nature, taking part in this raffle is actually quite straightforward. Simply set up your Roobet account if you don’t already have one, and hop on over to get involved in the action.
You'll have from July 10th to 25th to play any game on the site, wager $500, and earn a raffle ticket. Any game will suffice, and it goes without saying that the more tickets you accumulate, the greater your chances of being one of the top 100 winners to walk away with a prize.
Some slots are more worthy than others in this mission however, and can significantly boost your chances of beating the competition and becoming a winner – five times over, to be exact.
All wagers of $500 on either The Roo House or Roo Bonanza will entitle you to receive 5x tickets and boost your ticket count in one fell swoop!
The luckiest of the bunch will walk away with $10,000 in their pockets, and that person could very well be you!

Here are the full details of this exclusive promotion: 
•July 10th - 25th
•Prize pool of $100,000 to be shared among 100 fortunate winners.
•Top prize of $10,000.
•Every $500 wager on any game = 1 raffle ticket.
•Bets on Roo Bonanza or The Roo House, will earn you 5x tickets for the same amount wagered

Engage in Missions at Roobet

The raffle isn't the only new addition to Roobet’s calendar this month. With a brand-new Missions interface integrated into every slot game on site, there's more fun than ever before.
These “missions'' take your gaming to the next level, whether it’s chaining together your spins and wins or spinning the reels a certain amount of times. With a fresh set of missions

coming in hot throughout the month, taking on these challenges and completing them is one of the many ways for you to boost your casino profits at Roobet!
Whether you're a new recruit or a returning player, your timing couldn't be better if it falls between July 3rd and July 30th. With a total prize pool of $400,000 across Agent Roo's Casino Rooyale raffle, two sets of monthly missions consisting of various tasks, plus two accompanying tournaments, the opportunities to win will not escape you.

We'll be waiting for you at Roobet HQ, agent!